Kirk Session

Including the Moderator (the Minister) our Kirk Session numbers 48 elders, of which 35 are women and 13 men. This represents about 12% of the current membership of 384. It is interesting to note the changes over the years by looking at photographs in the Session Room where the earliest shows an all male Kirk Session and subsequent pictures have increasing numbers of ladies and we are grateful to have them in our eldership.

We are fortunate to have many talents and much skill within the Kirk Session to enable us to carry out our responsibilities to, and oversight of, our membership and the whole parish as well as our church organisations and groups –

Junior Church (Sunday School ) – All Sections


Boys’ Brigade (All Sections)
Girls’ Brigade (All Sections)
Guild of Friendship
CAMEO (‘Come And Meet Each Other’ – The Guild)
Men’s Club
Prayer Group

Banner Group
House Group
Social Events Group
Pantomime Group
Badminton Club

Saturday Coffee Shop

Sunday Coffee Shop

In addition there are several other local groups who use out premises regularly –

  • Playgroup
  • Slimming Club
  • Martial Arts Group
  • Hamilton Howlers
  • Hillhouse and Earnock Arts Group
  • Joyce’s Voices
  • Spectrum Art Group
  • MS Group (Local)
  • Saffronhill Art Group
  • Clash Dance
  • Earnock and Hillhouse Residents Association

Fairly frequently other non regular groups and parties seek facilities for varying purposes in our buildings so consequently our premises are in continual use each week during most of the year.

Hillhouse Parish covers a large area requiring regular supervision and attention with both personal and postal contact, the latter being usually just before Christmas and Easter each year when we circulate leaflets or cards to inform the parish of our special services. Those are invitations to all interested persons to join with us in our seasonal celebrations and, at other times in the year, to inform parishioners of any special events which we are holding.

As Session Clerk I feel honoured to have served the Kirk Session responding to and acting upon its directions and requests as well as fulfilling other duties as required by this appointment. I feel humbly privileged to to have served in this capacity for a good number of years both Hillhouse Church and even more importantly, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Robert Young
Session Clerk