Property Committee Report

2015 Property Committee Report

The year was a busy one as usual carrying out a variety of Maintenance tasks keeping the building wind and water tight.

We have regular Property Meetings where we discuss and plan what needs attention, but there are always issues that arise between meetings which require immediate attention..

A quick resume of work carried out follows:

Keeping up to date with annual Gas and Fire Extinguisher inspections.

Checking Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarms.

Replacing lights and in some cases the fittings.

Repairing doors

Repairing taps

Replacing worn out locks

Repairing equipment and fixtures.

Fitting a new Notice Board in the foyer.

Having some roof tiles at the manse and also the church replaced, as well as re-pointing of manse chimney

Cutting the grass and generally tiding up the car park and the front of the building.

Cleaning drains in the car park.

The Small Hall was redecorated as was the passageway outside of the kitchen to the emergency exit.

The Vestry and Session Room received attention with the removal of the wall to ceiling old and rotten window frames being replaced with double glazed units of half the size, the bottom half of the window being fitted with insulated panels.

The manse was fitted with hard wired smoke alarms, interconnected wirelessly to comply with modern regulations.

All of this work involves lots of people giving their time for free, lots of organising, telephone calls and journeys to collect materials. A huge thank you goes out to folk from the Property Committee and all of those who participated and I am sure we all enjoyed each others company and the cups of tea when carrying out the work


Tony Petty   (Fabric Convenor)