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Who We Are

David the Minister

Meet the Minister – David Burt has been our local minister at Hillhouse Parish Church since 1998 and over that time has become a key member not only of this  local Hamilton Church but also of the broader community within hillhouse. 

He helps campaign to make the local community better and helped lead the campaign to stop the closure of the local high school which saw 2 independant candidates elected. 

He is also passionate about bringing young people into the Church making himself accessible and approachable through activites such as playing the Dame in the Bi annual pantomime. 

David can be contacted on 01698 422 300 or by email at minister* 

Our Session Clerk

Our Session Clerk Robert Young is a key member of the community and the Kirk Session making sure that the Church stays running and that David is kept in order.

Robert can be contacted on 01698 425194 and by email at sessionclerk*

Our Safeguarding Officer

Meet Jean Wilson our safeguarding officer who ensures that our Hamilton Church operates in a safe and secure environment.

Jean can be contacted on 99999999 and by email at safeguarding*

Charlotte Our Lay Preacher

Charlotte Craig our Lay assistant does an excellent job of supporting David and filling in for him when required.

Charlotte can be contacted on 99999999 and by email at ccraig*

These are just a small number of the many people who work tirelessly in our Hamilton Church to make a big difference to the lives of the congregation and also to the wider community of Hillhouse to whom we are very grateful.

*At Hillhouse Church we hate spam as much as you do so in an effort to eliminate spam from our inboxes we have omitted a vital part of each email address. Should you wish to contact any of the above people then please copy and paste the email address into your email provider remove the space and add @ before

Thank you